Welcome to Colours of Life Fine Jewelry, where each piece tells a unique story of elegance and individuality. Founded in a desire to capture life's most memorable moments in color, we want to adorn our customers with jewelry that illicit a fond memories.


Our Journey

Hello, I am Leslie Call. I am a veteran whose life, loyalty and devotion is to my God, my country and my spouse who has been my partner in this journey for most of my life. We love to travel and we love finding the treasures of life.

I believe in what I call the "boutique life". Sole proprieter's who put people and relationships above profit. The couple from England who visited Slovenia and loved it so much they left everything behind and opened a bed and breakfast there to share with the world what they fell in love with. This is passion. The big retail chains and massed produced and high priced status symbols the world clings to, aren't my thing. Take a journey with me as we explore the world together, boutique style.


Reminders of that special moment

The beautiful moments that highlight our journey through life are often fleeting. In my lifelong pursuit to remember and relive these moments for myself and the ones I love, I discovered the power of what I call "relational tokens of the moment". These tokens are powerful imprints that reawaken our souls as we remember those boutique moments.

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