Christmas Castle vacation

Christmas in a Castle

Rachel and Les love to travel and experience the world.  This is our blog.

We love life and love living it in colour.  This trip was no exception.  A few years back, my work had taken me to a remote location for 18-36 months.  9 months in, as Christmas was approaching, we decided we needed a vacation.  We love the colours of Christmas and decided there is no better place to experience all of that Christmas magic than to trapes around the Black Forest of Germany and France.

This castle is where we spent Christmas.  We travelled the best Christmas markets, saw the Nutcracker in a historic Opera House theater and finished our trip off, staying two nights inside the Schonburg Castel.  While there we were catered to by the most pleasant local staff who, for not a lot of money made us feel like we were at the Ritz, but much cooler. 

Just 60 minutes from the Frankfurt airport, if you have ever wanted to stay at the King's court, Schonburg Castle is a great place to let the world go and pretend for a bit

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